Our aim is to work in harmony with our clients to achieve with them a sure understanding of their financial affairs.

Additional Services

The following services are included as part of your Fixed Price Agreement:

End of year payroll service

  1. Completion of form P35 based on wages records produced from your Sage payroll system.
  2. Reconciliation of total PAYE and National Insurance due for the year against amounts physically paid.
  3. Completion of forms P11D for all employees receiving benefits in kind (including cars and medical).

Quarterly payroll service

  1. Calculating net wages due based on minimum wage or higher depending on other tax criteria.
  2. Advising you of the quarterly amounts to be paid to the Inland Revenue in respect of PAYE and National Insurance.
  3. Providing you with journal entries to be posted to your accounting system.
  4. Completing end of year P35 forms before the Inland Revenue deadline, submitting to you for signature and subsequently forwarding on to the Inland Revenue.

Please note that this service is provided on the basis that you maintain less than 5 employees during the period of the agreement. If you start to employ more people during this period, we will agree an additional fee for the remainder of the agreement to cover the additional work required for these additional employees.

This agreement also does not include any additional fees with regard to employees joining or leaving the company during the agreement period. If this occurs, we will agree a suitable fee at the time for the additional work likely to be required for this reason.